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Choice Point Technique




Choice Point Technique (CPT) is a uniquely devised Remedial Massage treatment consisting of the manipulation of the soft and deep tissues, ligaments, tendons and muscles. CPT aims to release soft tissue irregularities and to correct misalignment caused by high tension in tissue. 

No matter how long you've been experiencing physical discomfort from chronic pain, I can tailor a treatment plan to help manage your condition.


Choice Point Technique has been so effective that it is believed to directly effect the body's own energetic bio-field. This bio-field is a matrix of pathways that allows healing information and communications to travel at high speed around the body. 

Potentially the correction of physical position in tendons and muscles may be unblocking energy flow within the bio-field. 

CPT opens up these superhighways of energy to allow healing to occur far more rapidly.



 CPT Treatment 


 In most cases this will give relief immediately to ailments such as:


  - Sciatica                                                        - Frozen Shoulder

  - Ankle Sprains                                             - Shin Splints

  - Back And Neck Pain                                  - Carpal Tunnel

  - Trapped Nerves                                         - Migraines












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