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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is designed to relieve the discomfort and stress of pregnancy while making special adjustments to normal massage practices. Care must be taken during the first trimester but Pregnancy Massage is beneficial throughout the whole pregnancy.


At Lake Macquarie Massage we use a combination of Swedish and Remedial Massage, to assist with the tensions and pains experienced during pregnancy, which are often caused by the extra weight and the shift in your centre of gravity.


There are many physical benefits to Pregnancy Massage:


In addition to the nurturing and emotional support provided by the practitioner. Prenatal massage has a number of benefits for mothers-to-be:


  • Soothes the nervous system

  • Helps to prevent insomnia, muscle cramps and back pain

  • Reduces swelling of feet and ankles

  • Improves skin elasticity, reducing stretch marks

  • Improves sleep

  • Improves digestion

  • Relaxes and soothes baby

  • Reduces pelvic pain


Regular massage throughout the pregnancy is also said to shorten labour time and the return to optimal fitness after birth. In the postpartum period, specialised techniques rebalance structure, physiology, and emotions of the new mother and may help her to bond with and care for her infant.






                                               Make sure you are in perfect health when your new born bundle arrives. 

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