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Trigger Point

Trigger Points (or Myo-fascial Trigger Point MTP) are hypersensitive areas in muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments that refer pain to distal regions of the body. An active Trigger Point is always tender, shortens and weakens the muscle and usually refers pain. 


Causes of Trigger Points:


While precise origins are not well understood, Trigger Points are believed to be caused by trauma (sports injury, car accidents, etc) bio-mechanical imbalances (short leg, scoliosis, and repetitive strain activities) environmental factors (cold climate, allergies), simple inactivity or normal workloads, and / or long term emotional stress.




To neutralise Trigger Points, the therapist will apply steady pressure, well within the client’s pain tolerance for a period of time. During this period, the client will notice a decrease in pain. Sometimes this may be a very fast process taking not more than a few seconds, other times it may seem quite a long period of time before the trigger point has been released.


This therapy is effective and can have long lasting results.

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